7 Things You Need to Know Before Installing Epoxy Garage Coating

7 Things You Need to Know Before Installing Epoxy Garage Coating

When you see signs of wear and tear in your garage concrete floor, it may be time to consider giving it a facelift. An epoxy floor coating will make your concrete floor look more beautiful, functional and prevent it from further deterioration.

Before jumping the gun and rushing into your epoxy garage coating installation, consider these seven items to help you understand the entire process. 

1. Epoxy Flooring Installation is a 2-Person Job

Apply the epoxy material in sprinkles and do the entire floor at one time. The epoxy material dries fast so you need to have a second person help you out to ensure an even application. 

2. Concrete Surface Must be Properly Prepared 

The concrete surface must be thoroughly clean to prevent dust and dirt from being trapped in the epoxy coating. Besides, the epoxy material will not adhere well with a dirty concrete surface. 

3. Epoxy will not Adhere to Sealed Concrete

In the preparation stage, all existing sealants must be removed from the concrete surface. The epoxy material will not adhere to a sealed concrete surface. A chemical stripper is used to remove any existing sealants before epoxy installation. 

7 Things You Need to Know Before Installing Epoxy Garage Coating

4. Epoxy Installation Should be Done at the Right Temperature

The epoxy material sets and hardens at a temperature that is warmer than 600. The epoxy material will not adhere to the concrete surface when installed during colder temperatures. 

5. Test for Moisture

The epoxy material will likewise not adhere well with the concrete surface with the presence of moisture. The epoxy material will tend to bubble, peel off or have blisters. 

6. Choose the Right Epoxy Material

Not all epoxy materials are created equal. Each epoxy material comes with different qualities. Some research on the properties of each epoxy material will help you make the right choice.  

7. Be Conscious of Curing Time

The new epoxy garage coating will need adequate time to cure before it can receive initial foot traffic and eventually become fully functional. Not allowing the new epoxy floor to cure well will ruin the newly applied flooring system. It takes about 24 hours before you can walk on a newly applied epoxy garage coating and about 72 hours before you can park your cars.